Complex Skills and Tricks

Ever wanted your dog to mow the lawn, sing a tune or just play dead? At VICDOG we offer sessions to teach your dog to do just about anything! Teach your dog a trick that will impress your friends. We can formulate a step by step program to teach you exactly how to train your dog to do your chosen trick. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time, we can teach your dog to do the chosen trick for you.

The type of trick that we could help you teach your dog is endless but could include

  • Get your dog to spell dog from a series of wooden or plastic letters
  • Climb a ladder
  • Climb on handlers back (piggy back)
  • Ride a skateboard
  • Push a lawn mower or pram
  • Balance an article on his/her nose and catch it
  • Pick up an article and put it in the bin/basket
  • Get a beer from the fridge and bring it to you on the couch
  • Walk backwards
  • Crawl
  • Play dead on command
  • Retrieve and carry an article on command
  • Go to a marker and remain there