Assistance Dogs

VICDOG can train your dog to help you or someone else around the house. For example, someone in a wheelchair may find it beneficial if their dog could pick items off the ground. A deaf person may benefit from their dog making them aware that someone is at the front door. A person with arthritis may not be able to open draws but can still live a normal lifestyle by having their dog assist them in this simple task that most take for granted. We can train your dog to perform the tasks you require, or formulate a step by step program to guide you to teach the dog yourself.

The types of tasks are endless but could include

  • Fetching an item from the fridge or cupboard
  • Pick up a dirty food bowl and putting it into the sink
  • Using a laser pointer to target an item to be retrieved
  • Pick up toys and place them into a toy box
  • Answer doorbell and open the front door
  • Carry an item from one person to the next
  • Open door/draws
  • Shut door/draws
  • Turn on/off light
  • Alert owner to specific sounds