Our Trainers

The most important thing to consider when choosing a dog trainer/behaviourist is their experience, knowledge and qualifications. Many dog training companies claim that their trainers are “qualified”, however their training courses are often in-house by self taught instructors. At VICDOG, our trainers are qualified through the National Dog Trainers Federation – Dog Trainer Certification Course. The Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training is Australasia’s first nationally accredited, fully comprehensive dog trainer certification course. The course has recently achieved Government certification through the Victorian Qualifications Authority (VQA) and is now recognised throughout Australia by the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA).

This intense course is conducted over an 8-month period. This includes theory lectures, workshops and practical training at selected dog training centres located throughout the metropolitan area. This ensures that your dog trainer has completed the toughest dog training course available.

On a more personal note, VICDOG was created and owned by qualified dog trainer Michelle Dench. From a very early age, Michelle was fascinated by dogs and spent much of her time observing and trying to better understand them. She has owned many different dogs throughout her life, and the enjoyment she gained from training each of these dogs resulted in her wanting to learn more. Since Michelle gained her qualification, she has trained countless dogs including those in boarding kennels, as a class instructor of Australia’s leading group dog training company, and of course her specialty, private lessons. She has also volunteered her time to help train dogs to assist those with special needs and to educate children on safe dog handling techniques. Michelle also works with service dogs on a daily basis. Her friendly, honest and knowledgeable approach to dog training has resulted in a fast growing client base, almost all from positive client referrals.

Michelle has been successful at various dog obedience competitions both in Victoria and Interstate. She prides herself on perfection and getting the best out of her dogs which has led her to become one of the best dog trainers in the business.